Primary Services

What do we do? The answer is quite expansive.

Our mission is to find ways, and, make available options for seniors to remain in their home safely, and, with the ability to maintain a higher quality of life.

Navigation through the health care system can be overwhelming for seniors and/or family members to face. An advocate escorting you through the day to day struggles simplifies dealing with all things medical (medicines), doctor appointments, any necessary testing, treatment plan options, even assistance with dealing with some of those complex health care bills that come in the mail.


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Our Divine Intervention program may be the answer to those you hear say, “I wish I just had someone who could go over and check on her every week”. Routinely going in and getting to lay eyes on the client, their surroundings, will always reveal how things are being done (or NOT done) the remainder of the time. This peace of mind program is priceless for those who have loved ones not living close to them.

Transportation is a service provided only for those who are unable to take any other means of public transportation safely but are ambulatory otherwise. This service provides the opportunity for seniors who are “stuck” at home otherwise, to get out and do the things they need to do, or, would just simply enjoy doing.

Just like our name states, we take a proactive approach in dealing with aging as well as managing chronic health problems. We offer in-home visits from a nurse to evaluate for any changes that might indicate the need to see a doctor for any new concerns.

In establishing regular visits with a nurse who can know the patient at their best, identifying when something is “different” becomes relatively simple. Quicker identification of a problem can equate to prompt treatment and a much shorter recovery time. Or, maybe the benefit of the nurse is to monitor the progression of dementia and assist in making the appropriate adjustments in life that have to be made.

One of the more common issues that seniors face is difficulty managing their own medicine. Providing assistance and strategies to ensure that medicines are taken as prescribed is key to maintaining health, and, just another one of the services we provide seniors.

Sitters are sometimes needed at home, whether to relieve a full-time caregiver, or, to provide round-the-clock care. We are proud to provide outstanding services with our experienced staff, and, make a world of difference in the life of our seniors.


We invite anyone in the Shreveport/Bossier area to discuss with us the particular needs that YOU have, and, encourage you to let us help you fill those needs. We have been established since 2010, and, are fully licensed and bonded. Our services are not reimbursed by third parties – we are strictly a private pay entity.

We encourage the purchasing of our gift certificates for sitter and transportation services. What better gift than the gift of time for a caregiver and independence for your loved one?!

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